AGU Master studies in Architecture is prepared for the candidates who has a bachelors’ degree from architecture, applied science or social sciences. Program focuses on the design, representation, constitution, construction, preservation and adaptive re-use, interactions of the user and environment, history and transformation of the space and urban form. In terms of research by design, AGU Architecture generates research and societal impact on design process and its artifacts, built environment, history, construction techniques, materials and technologies, sociology, philosophy, archaeology and human or space based studies.

 It aims to generate an academic knowledge in architecture in order to gain the interdisciplinary expertise and the attitude towards the education based on the research, examination and application, by research by design. Program will support the generation and development of the architectural knowledge by creating a new and active research/study areas in between the applied/social sciences and architecture as an academic or professional practice. It is aimed to utilize the architectural knowledge produced in this program for the benefit of the society in collaboration with the governmental and non-governmental organizations and related sectors, towards the mission and vision of AGU.

Program Record